A Ballad To Bob: A Brief History Of My Love For A Singer

(TW: Self-Harm)

I was 14 years old when I heard your name

It was on a television show. There were two characters talking and one of them said that he had listened to you, and you had changed his life. In the background of the scene there was a poster of you holding a bass guitar. I suppose at the time I wanted my life to change too, more than it already was. I was a freshmen in a high school, having a difficult year. Continue reading “A Ballad To Bob: A Brief History Of My Love For A Singer”


Introductions, A Belated Inktober, & The Magic Of Barb

An introduction to my blog, a post for Inktober, and an analysis of Barb from Stranger Things, that nobody asked for.

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new blog. My name’s Niccolo and I do many things, but recently I’ve been having difficulty focusing on just one. So I’ve come here to create a place for my stuff where I can figure things out, talk about a myriad of topics, and share them with you. Which brings me to my drawing of Barbara “Barb” Holland from that spooky Netflix series, Stranger Things.  Continue reading “Introductions, A Belated Inktober, & The Magic Of Barb”